cross-my-tea said: Hi Chris, For some reason my email won't let me send to Arthur's email address. He contacted me through Bandcamp and so in replying it won't really let me for some strange reason. I keep getting the mail delivery failure message. In any case, could you forward my questions to him? Specifically the when-do-you-need-to-know query and the money one. Cheers, Jainy

This is probably very after the fact, but huh?


Hey - Chris has been working on another project (BANTHA) in Murder Castle’s downtime. Check’er out:

Thanks everyone who came to our December shows. Murder Castle’s gonna be concentrating on writing some new songs, recording some old songs, and enjoying the holidays. Let us know if you have a show you’d like us to play though. That’s all for Murder Castle in 2011.

So Much The Shows

Were playing at the Prop House on the 3rd. Stop frontin’ and come on out! Things start at 8pm or something like that.

December Shows

Apparently we’re playing something called the Tamborine Era Festival. It’s at the Railway Club and I don’t know anything else about it. Hope they give us muchas muchas drink tickets and whatnot. We’ve also got a super great show with Nam Shub, Cascadia, Markus Naslund, and Creative People on the 3rd at the Prop House. If you’re coming to one, come to the second. Proceeds are going to DTES Women’s Shelter.